A lot of businesses play our stream everyday in there establishment for there customers.

Proper track tagging and track image attaching is your audio engineers job, not ours. So please check your track before submitting.
Remove all identification symbols from your track such as 1, 2, Master etc…

My Atlanta Radio was founded in 2012 and has be around since then.
The station plays mainstream music but its main purpose is to shine the light on upcoming talent.
There are no talk shows.

1. For all music submissions, There is a setup fee of $49.99 per track, monthly.

2. Each track will be in heavy rotation everyday 4-6 spins a day.(for a month)

3. If its your first time setting up a rotation package, artist will get there own page permanently in the Indie Artist Blog on our website with there social links.

4. Every track played in our rotation is tweeted out to over 11,000 twitter followers.

5. We will notify our 24,000 followers on instagram about your track entering our rotation with your artwork posted to our instagram page.

6. We have our own Android and Iphone app “My Atlanta Radio”

7. Once setup fee process is completed below, please send track, artist name,
image/artwork, short bio and your social links for some station promo of said artist to: myatlantaradio@gmail.com

If you already have a page in our Indie Artist Blog then we would only need the track and your social links for promoting your track.

PS. We need the full links of your social pages : Sample of a full social link: https://www.instagram.com/myatlantaradio/

8. Please place all information required in only one email. Multiple emails will be deleted until we receive one email with all information attached to it…

Click the link below to complete process if your ready: